Ultimate Guide to Recover from Google Unnatural Links Penalty – eBook

Google sent Unnatural Links Warning to many bloggers and webmasters who indulged in bad linking practices.. Thousands of websites have lost their traffic over night, and this became a major issue for many SEO companies and experts who provided them the cheap link building strategies. Google was loosing majority of their dollars in SEO, link building and search engine marketing. To get this thing under control, Google has launched many algorithms which define the search quality of a website. On the other hand, link building and SEO marketing were constantly loosing its market to Google, as this major update was completely manual.

Keeping these issues in mind, I wanted to write a free eBook on The Ultimate Guide to Recover from Google Unnatural Links Penalty. Currently this book is selling for 87$ in the SEO market, and I wanted to giveaway for free. I had covered all the major issues caused by Google unnatural links penalty, and how a website can completely recover from this manual update.

Contents at a Glance:

  1. Introduction
  2. Google Unnatural Links Warning History
  3. What are Unnatural Links and how do I find them?
  4. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  5. Google Unnatural Links Warning
  6. Checking Your Website Traffic
  7. Digging your Site with Google Webmaster Tools
  8. Digging your Site with Ahrefs.com
  9. Downloading Latest and Unnatural Spam Links via GWT
  10. Identifying Unnatural and Spam Links
  11. Creating a Spread Sheet of Unnatural Links
  12. Requesting Site Owners to Remove Links
  13. Keeping Track on the Link Removal Requests
  14. Working with Unnatural Links within Your Website
  15. Getting Started with Google Disavow Links Tool
  16. Writing Disavow Commands Text File to Eliminate Bad Links
  17. Updating Your Site Unnatural Links in Google Disavow Links Tool
  18. How to Write a Perfect Google Reconsideration Request?
  19. Waiting for Google Response on Reconsideration Request
  20. Reconsideration Approved
  21. Reconsideration Failed
  22. What Kind of Link Practices You Must Avoid in Future?
  23. Sources

How to Download?

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I hope this eBook will surely guide you to under the Unnatural Links Penalty in detail, and recover your website from future penalties. Let me know your valuable suggestions and feedback via comments below.