Merry West Jet Christmas

All kinds of goodies appear during the Christmas season, whether it's the sweets in the kitchen or stories of brands doing really great things on YouTube. This video went viral earlier this week and is just too good not to share.
WestJet, a Canadian airline, just shared about a special customer project it did, inviting customers to share their Christmas wish lists to Santa while waiting to board their planes.

After they shared with Santa, West Jet employees went to work — scrambling — to actually go out and purchase those Christmas wishes and have them ready for customers to receive when they picked up their luggage at their final destination.

It's just too good! This time a year, I am a sucker for all things Christmas, all things generous. Its a time when I remember there are still good people in the world. What I love about this is the natural publicity and exposure that comes when a brand does something for others, expecting nothing in return. People feel a connection with the brand in the moment, but beyond delighting in just a good marketing scheme. The brand is able to show aspects of its personality in a tangible way.
There's nothing better than seeing someone's face light up when they receive the unexpected. This year, in your personal life and that of your brand, what are you doing to delight people, through acts of generosity and surprise? ‘Tis the season.