Google Ranking Traffic Distribution

Did you know that 42.13% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results?

Isn’t that staggering? 11.90% click on #2 and 8.5% on #3. This reduces in increments all the way down to only 2.85% clicking on #9. The difference can be as dramatic as having 1,000 clicks on #1 and only 147 on #9. A BIG difference. In this case by getting from #9 to #1, you will increase your traffic and income for that keyword for 1,478%! (42,13 / 2,85 * 100% = 1478% increase.)

It means 2 important things:

1. From the first look, keywords that bring you not much traffic may look not attractive for you to invest in them. But if you’re #9 on Google for one such keyword and you get, for instance, 2,000 visits / month from it right now, then by acquiring high quality links for it and improving your ranking from #9 to #1 for this keyword, you will increase your traffic from Google up to 29,560 visits per month for such keyword! (2000 * 14.78 = 29,560). So, we recommend you select and target those keywords, for which you’re somewhere between #2 and #30 and acquire backlinks for these keywords in order to get #1 for all of them – even if those keywords don’t look very attractive to you right now – because this will allow you to get 1,478% more visitors from Google for such keywords. Learn how to choose High Quality keywords.

2. At the same time, it means that, if you don’t track your site rankings changes throughout the first 100 search results, you may think that your link building campaign doesn’t work since you don’t see any traffic increase. And in fact, if you were tracking your rankings changes using some software or tool (for example, this one), you’d see that your rankings improved, for example, from position #984 to position #44 which is a great result. Many people make this mistake – they don’t track their rankings using some reliable software and only manually check the first 10 positions on Google. They don’t see their site in the Top 10, decide their link building campaign doesn’t work and cancel all the links. This results in huge disappointment and money & time waste. To avoid this horrible mistake, always remember 3 things:

  1. You should expect to see rankings improvement and not traffic increase because you won’t see any traffic increase, even if you get from position #984 to #9 on Google. You will only see traffic increase when you get to the Top 3.
  2. You should automatically track site ranking changes throughout the first 100-200 search results using some tool, but not manually throughout the first 10-50 search results.
  3. You should also always remember that usually it takes around 6 months to see significant rankings changes.