Brand First Try: Baby Gap

Craig kicked off a series yesterday called First Try, wherein we will dissect a brand based on our first impressions. As brand strategists, we collaborate with our clients to define what an ideal perception would be. What do we want people to be thinking about us? What do we want people telling others about us?

If we can influence people's perceptions about our brand, then we will most likely influence their interactions with us as well. The difficulty is we only have a small window of opportunity to build that ideal reputation in the minds of our audience.

As my 3 month old is making her Christmas list, Baby Gap clothes are at the top.

Things to note:

I have not done any brand research
I'm simply reporting my top of mind perceptions
These questions are similar to ones we ask in the brand audit phase of our strategy work
When did you first hear about Baby Gap?
I guess I new about it from a young age. We had a Gap in the mall in my home town and there was a Baby Gap right next door to it. But more recently, my wife and a lot of our friends buy clothes for their kids there.

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Baby Gap?

How would you explain Baby Gap in one sentence?
Baby Gap sells simple, well designed clothes that are worth the little extra you might pay.

What is the value Baby Gap provides you?
Baby Gap allows us to dress our daughter in quality clothes at affordable prices that reflect our simple style.

Who is Baby Gap's competition?
Target, The Seed Factory

Would you recommend Baby Gap to a friend?
Yes. We have actually bought a couple outfits from there for friends who are expecting. I would tell other dad's that their wives would like it a lot.