1,478% More Visitors from Google Within 3-6 Months

Did you know that according to Google Ranking Traffic Distribution, 42.13% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results?

Isn’t that staggering? 11.90% click on #2 and 8.5% on #3. This reduces in increments all the way down to only 2.85% clicking on #9. The difference can be as dramatic as having 1,000 clicks on #1 and only 147 on #9. A BIG difference. In this case by getting from #9 to #1, you will increase the number of visitors from Google for that keyword for 1,478%! (42,13 / 2,85 * 100% = 1478% increase.)

From the first look, keywords that bring you not much traffic may look not attractive for you to invest in them. But if you’re #9 on Google for one such keyword and you get, for instance, 2,000 visits / month from it right now, then by acquiring some links for it and improving your rankings from #9 to #1 for this keyword, you will increase the number of visitors from Google up to 29,560 visits per month for such keyword! (2000 * 14.78 = 29,560).

So, we recommend you select and target those keywords, for which you’re somewhere between #2 and #30 and acquire backlinks for these keywords in order to get #1 for all of them – even if those keywords don’t look very attractive to you right now – because this will allow you to get 1,478% more visitors from Google for such keywords.