How To Use Keyword Research to Make Your Website More User-Friendly

When planning a website, there is always a great deal of discussion and thought that goes into what content to have on the site and what purpose that content will serve. Keyword research is an invaluable part of this process and can help you find unique and creative content ideas that will provide value to your user, and ultimately provide value to your business.
When beginning to plan the architecture for Fetch Eyewear--a company that makes designer glasses for an affordable price and donates all their proceeds to animal rescue--the first step was completing keyword research. Our goal was to determine how people search for and shop for glasses online, what information they generally seek, and how their needs were being met in the current marketplace.
The most interesting thing we discovered during this research for Fetch was that there were a sizeable number of search queries for phrases that related to how to find the right glasses for you.
For example, people wanted to know “How to find the right glasses for my face shape?” or “What color glasses should I get with blue eyes?” or “What color glasses work best with my complexion?”
Not only were they looking for how to find glasses for their particular skin tone or face shape, people were asking more than that. They were asking for help to even figure out what their face shape was and how to define their skin tone.
Keyword Research for Glasses - Face Shape
Keyword Research for Glasses - Skin tone
Additional research included sifting through questions in Yahoo Answers. This also showed a lack of resources for people wanting answers to these types of questions about themselves. Sure, their questions were answered, but generally not very well. And most websites that featured information on the question were unrelated to eyewear, so the user had to make a leap from the information they found to where to buy glasses and then to what glasses to buy.
For the people who are a bit farther along the path of knowing what type of glasses they want, we discovered that many people want to search for glasses by the color of the frames and the style and shape of the frames.
Using this valuable research about how people shop for glasses online and what resources are generally missing for them, we were able to design a section of the Fetch Eyewear website specifically to be a resource to those types of users.
Fetch Eyewear | Find Your Fit
The goal of the Find Your Fit section of the website is first and foremost to help the user find information that will be helpful to them and answer their questions.  The next goal is to take it one step further by guiding the user into the purchasing path in a unique way that helps them make the leap from the answers they just got regarding the best shape of glasses for their face shape to the ultimate goal of buying new glasses.
Fetch Eyewear | Find Your Fit - Face Shape
Additionally, we used the keyword research to devise the search filters for the shopping gallery of site based on the types of search terms and topics people used to search for the glasses.
Fetch Eyewear Keyword Research - Shape
Fetch Eyewear Keyword Research - Glasses Color
Fetch Eyewear Keyword Research
Ultimately, the goal of a website should be to make a resource for people that is enjoyable, easy to use, and valuable – and the conversions will come as a result of that user-centered mentality and positive shopping experience.