Branding a Thankful Heart

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday of the year.  The one day that is about pausing, reflecting and being thankful.  Not a day about what we want more of, but a chance to be grateful for what we've been given.

We have a phrase around here that says, Any success we achieve is a gift.  We are never owed anything as a company.  Everyday we have to earn the respect of our clients and peers, and there are many people that work hard to help Inno Garage succeed.  Here are just a few things I'm thankful for

When a client entrusts us with their brand, I'm so thankful.
When an employee puts their heart and soul into a project, I'm thankful.
When our IT company fixes our crashed server, I'm thankful.
When our accountant makes sure payroll runs on time, I'm thankful.
When our advisory board takes an evening to pour into our company, I'm thankful.
When I walk into the office and it's nice and clean, even though I made it a mess, I'm thankful.
When I see Inno Garage team members pull together to fix a problem that isn't in their job description to solve, I'm thankful.
When our printers and web development partners finish a project well and make our design come to life, I'm thankful.
When someone tells their friend to hire Match Stic, I'm thankful.
In short, if you are reading this blog entry, we are thankful for you, because in some way big or small, you contribute to our success.

Thank you.