Brand Story Worth Telling

As seen in the video above, earlier this month the Make-A-Wish foundation pulled of an epic wish that sent one kid superhero into twitter stardom. Five year-old Miles Scott, a leukemia survivor, had a wish to be a superhero for a day and that’s exactly what he got. Several partners chipped in to transform the streets of San Francisco into the fabled Gotham City, complete with a Batmobile (a black Lamborghini), little Miles dressed as “Batkid,” and even a few capers to be had. If you haven’t read the full story you should read it here.

How do you know a campaign like this is a success? Well, if the President of the United States posts a Vine participating, then I’d say it is pretty successful. Here are two things I think helped make it such a hit.

It was an open-ended story.

The Make-A-Wish foundation started the story for Miles but others, moved by the story, joined in to participate in the adventure. As the story spread, hundreds of people took to the streets to see Batkid himself and to cheer him on. The Mayor was involved, great villains appeared, and money was raised for little Miles and his family. The story even continued with Batkid saving rapper Pitbull on Good Morning America yesterday. If you want to start something big, outsiders need to feel the invitation to become insiders.

It was something worth spreading.

The Batkid campaign had nearly 600,000 tweets with 1.7 billion total Twitter impressions leaving the Make-a-Wish website with 1,000 hits per second at its peak (causing the site to crash). The internet is filled with negative & degrading gossip that tops most of the trending charts, but not this. This is a story of hope and innocence. A little kid getting to be a superhero for a day and a city rallied around him to make it happen. That is a fantastic story. That is something worth sharing.

Is your story worth spreading? Do you invite outsiders to feel like insiders?