Changing Brand - JC Penny

Following the firing of CEO Ron Johnson earlier this year, our own John Bowles called it, things are about to get weird at JCP. Since then they released the commercial above in an attempt to apologize to customers. That didn't seem to work.

Now JCPenney shares are down 60%, falling to a 33-year low. This past week, in a last-ditch effort to turn back time, the department store announced they are reverting to their old logo and discontinuing the use of the JCP square logo. Unfortunately for JCPenney, this won't help. No one will say, "Look, it's the old logo, we can go back now!" Most of the stores never even changed their signage to the square anyways.

JCPenney has bigger problems and this change signals the ultimate white flag. From every possible angle of branding, the company seems completely lost. Three different logos in three years. Stores with different signage. Mixed signals in strategy and messaging. To a point now, where the company is on hands and knees, begging customers to just come back into their stores. And like my mother always told me, "begging gets you nowhere fast."

The future of JCPenney seems destined for rock bottom, and it is only there that they can hopefully refocus and recreate themselves correctly.

JCP, if you're reading this, you should know by now, a brand isn't just a logo, it's how you're perceived. Dress it up however you'd like, you aren't showing us that you're back to your old ways. You're showing that you're desperate and unsure, and no one likes those qualities