Why Social Signals Are Playing A Major Role In SEO

SEO is the most powerful and most widely used technique in order to increase website ranking. In a nutshell, website ranking is important for the position of your website in search engine results. A good website ranking will result in increased sales, increased target market and visibility, as well as increased brand awareness.

The Google algorithms, the set of variables that Google uses to determine the ranking of a website, change on a constant basis. Since 2012, social media has started to receive more credit in terms of SEO. Basically, there are three notable aspects that have a tremendous impact on a website’s ranking today: keyword optimization, link building, and social signals.

Twitter and Facebook are the most widely used social media platforms at the moment, with the latter having more than one billion users across the world. The world’s largest corporations and brands have started to implement social media strategies in their marketing campaigns in order to boost the visibility of their business. Currently, social signals are strongly connected to better rankings, so if you share a link on a social media platform and goes viral across the web, it will boost the visibility of your business and will also increase the ranking of your website.

Nonetheless, social media response involves more than just link sharing. The quality of the content and the HTML length play important roles as well, and so do the keywords embedded in the external links and in the body of the text. For best practice, the link must be properly optimized before sharing it via social media.

The number of links shared across different social media platforms is not as important as the quality. If a low-quality website is notorious for duplicate content, spam, or other black hat techniques links to your website, it can negatively impact your ranking. The number of backlinks is important but quality comes first.

Throughout the years, social media has dramatically transformed the way webmasters perceive search engine optimization, and the best way to increase brand awareness is to interact in different social media channels. Also, building a social presence and sharing valuable, high-quality content to the reader are vital. The secret is not to post content randomly, but to distribute only top-notch, useful content that will make your readers and your fans retweet and share it. If the content goes viral, your website ranking can significantly increase.
social signals

At the same time, positive social signals also involve mentions, links, and word of mouth marketing, with the latter being known as one of the most efficient forms of marketing. In order to fully benefit from social media, you need to use the keyword for the links to your website and for your social media profile name and description. It is important to include both the keyword and the name of your business in the link, title, description, content, and the name of media files you distribute on social networking websites.

Another secret that can positively influence your website ranking is to never limit yourself to just one social networking platform. Despite the fact that Twitter and Facebook are the most efficient, Pinterest, Digg, and Google+ are also highly efficient, as they are used by millions of people worldwide. Your purpose as a marketer/webmaster/business owner is to send a message that will reach a global audience and one that will attract prospects, as well as increasing your website traffic.

In conclusion, social signals go hand in hand with SEO and website rankings. However, you must come up with a well-designed strategy, a social media approach that will stand out from the rest, given the fact that competition is intense in the online environment. Use multimedia files such as videos and images more than textual content, come up with promotions, and make sure to embed the logo, keyword, and motto of your website/business in the content.

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