Social Media Strategy

When used effectively, social media can be a very powerful tool — it can reach new audiences, spread a message, and enable two-way communication. Long-term success is based on building a relevant and engaged following to inspire consistent, ongoing conversation. We work with brands, individuals, and event partners to increase visibility and engage audiences directly.

Community Development
Building successful social media communities requires substantial analysis and is often resource intensive. Facebook and Twitter development, in particular, require a nuanced and high-level understanding of a brand's core target market. Inno Garage works with clients to determine their main goals before developing social profiles. We have amassed a proven track record for developing long-standing Facebook pages that continue to grow organically based on systematic content updates.

Content Generation
Brands are their own biggest content generators. The rise and prevalence of social media has made direct delivery of branded content simple for individuals and companies of all sizes. We conduct thorough analysis of content workflows before devising content schedules. For clients with a resource crunch, Inno Garage offers content generation services for all platforms ranging from website and blog content to ongoing social media maintenance.

Executive Education Series
For companies who feel bombarded and intimidated by the endless amount of information flowing out of the echo chamber of social media, Inno Garage offers the Executive Education Series. These classes separate the useful information from the noise and distill the knowledge into usable and actionable ideas. Upon completion of the Series, your internal staff will have a solid understanding of the relevant space and will have actionable frameworks on which to base achievable social media strategies. After holding preliminary meetings with internal stakeholders, the material is custom tailored and presented in several modules, including:
  • Industry overview                              
  • Internal governance
  • Implementation protocol
  • Content calendars
  • Workflow development

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