Media Planning

The digital media landscape is vast and hence it requires meticulous planning. Social media creates rules of social engagement and mobile media has created new exciting opportunities. Apart from display advertising, SEO, CPC and PPC there are also 3rd party partnerships that is an emerging area. Social Media is now essential in managing and building brands.

The first thing we do, using a combination of world class research techniques, deep experience and analysis, is to determine with our clients who their most likely, or most desired, customers are. We are then able to determine which media these potential customers see, read, hear or engage with the most. This is the media planning of a campaign; we 'plan' advertising campaigns that reach intended audiences, with the minimum amount of wastage

How can we be of service?
  • Aligning brand objectives with media objectives using research tools
  • Planning a media strategy and also determining media placement
  • Understanding size of the audience and how best to reach them
  • Observing social interests, behaviors and focusing on media targeting
  • Using effective communication channels to cut through clutter and expected ROI

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