Are you looking for crowd sourcing companies? Look no further than Inno Garage. The company has been a leader among the growing field of crowd sourcing companies. Got a plan to brainstorm a concept with a large group of people? Look no further than Inno Garage.

Crowdsourcing harnesses the power of a community, using advanced social media technology and knowledge of crowd behaviour, to collect, evolve and rank ideas and contributions to reveal the strongest performers.

Inno Garage Crowd!  began as a crowdsourcing community. We pioneered the technology to tap our crowd for the best marketing ideas. Now our proven crowd sourcing technology is available to everyone. 

You can now empower your employees, partners, and customers by harnessing Inno Garage's vast and diverse community of creative individuals to rapidly generate ideas and solve important problems.

Inno Garage provides the next generation open innovation and crowdsourcing toolset that will catapult your innovation engine into overdrive. Instant, agile, and open, it will capture great ideas - unlimited ideas - leading to game changing insights and discoveries, accelerating your time to market, and driving your business to new levels of performance.

Inno Garage is an integrated consulting firm in India with expertise across 15 industries. You are presently in the branding sub-domain of the site. To get the complete list of our consulting services refer to Inno Garage Consulting Website.