Acquire High Quality Backlinks

Getting targeted, relevant text links is the key factor in successful offsite optimization. 75% + of SEO is targeted text link advertisements on a popular, highly ranked web sites. After Inno Garage™ was founded, we quickly discovered that many webmasters never heard of text link ads or were paying outrageous prices to shady text link brokers. We have changed all that in 2003 by opening the text link marketplace and have helped make text link advertising an important tool in every webmaster's search engine optimization toolbox.

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It still amazes us that many webmasters that are losing money do not know the value of selling link advertising on their website. Many run traditional advertising and are excited to earn $10 dollars per month. Unfortunately, many do not know that adding five or ten small text link ads can bring popular web sites several hundred dollars per month. Over the years, we have helped many webmasters money on their websites so they could keep them up and running instead of giving up and take their sites down.We think that is a good thing for the web.

Whether you run an article directory or an ecommerce website, you can make extra money through text link ads. Even if you are not in it for the money, why not sell a simple link or two to cover the cost of hosting your website?

No matter what you hear in the "SEO" forums, there are thousands of webmasters out there looking to buy link advertising on relevant websites with good search engine rankings. Before LinkAdage was launched 10 years ago, finding quality link sellers in a private environment without the help of a large network, agency, or expensive middleman was impossible.