Conversion Optimization

High ranking on search engines and heavy traffic is not the entire story for a successful business. High traffic for your website is important, but more important is to have a high conversion rate. This is where most of the websites fail and you win! 

Conversion Optimization is the process of lowering the bounce rate for visitors of your website, leading them to take the actions you are interested in. Using Inno Garage conversion optimization services, you will have a higher percentage of visitors that take action when viewing your site and become customers.

Inno Garage Conversion Team helps you achieve higher conversion rates by focusing on your target market’s needs and developing strategies to enhance the visitors’ experience. Our conversion optimization services include:
  • Metrics analysis by studying user behavior, how they arrived to your site, what they view on it, why they complete or don’t complete transactions
  • Usability analysis, problems with design, copy or technical architecture
  • Sales funnel optimization by qualifying leads based on certain criteria
  • Website optimization, correcting outdated content, broken links, fine tuning calls to action
  • Landing pages optimization, making sure your website copy compellingly presents your services or products
  • Key performance indicators and reporting

Our team will help you increase the time visitors spend on your site pages, reduce the bounce and exit rate, increase page views, which all point out to higher conversion metrics.

In the independent studies by our sister concern, Inno Garage Consulting, it is found that the conversion rates depend on various factors:
  • How your value proposition come across to site viewers
  • How relevant is the content on your website for the visitors
  • How clear and urgent is your call to action
Conversion Optimization means that you can get more sales from your website traffic without spending additional money on advertising. Routine site maintenance costs, even customer support costs can also be lowered.

Once your site delivers everything visitors need to do in order to purchase what they were looking for, its convenience for visitors will generate repeated traffic, which means repeated sales.

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