Brand Development

Brand development is an important part of your Marketing Strategy. Your brand identity needs to be communicated repeatedly on multiple channels, regularly and with consistency. A strong brand is a huge advantage, and for many small business owners developing their brand identity may be challenging.

We can help you achieve a strong brand identity by:
Evaluating how your current strategy is or is not working
Assessing the external opportunities or threats for your business
Evaluating how competitive are your prices and costs
Identifying the strategic issues that you are facing
Developing a comprehensive and holistic strategy 

Buyers are often loyal and attached to established brands. New businesses need to develop effective strategies to enter a market. Brand development however, does not have to be a very expensive service. We can help you leverage the power of social media and thus, lower the marketing costs.

Brand development strategies do not benefit only new businesses. You can inspire both your employees and your customers to remain loyal to your brand, by improving and enhancing your brand. Brand recognition has a huge impact on the value of a company. Brand development can result in new ways to generate revenue.

Our team can create a brand development strategy that will:
Uncover unmet needs that your competition has not addressed
Enforce your brand proposition
Suggest specific marketing tools that will deliver real brand value
Suggest features and support that can deliver on your brand experience
Cost effective and help you in growing the business without increasing your costs dramatically 

One of the most important features of brand development is a brand statement or brand proposition, which includes the unique selling proposition that includes the benefits that no other brands can offer. A brand proposition should convey messages that are:

Consistent with the brand’s core values
Clear, engaging, unique and relevant to the target audience
Incorporating a positive emotional attachment
Consistent across multiple marketing mediums
Reinforced within the organization
Adaptable to changing marketplace

We can help you develop a strong brand that will represent the essence, personality and character of your company. Your brand will stand the test of time, establishing itself in the mind of your customers, as a symbol for your products and service.

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