Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing used to be simple. Sprinkle some keywords on your pages and watch the traffic roll in. But today's search marketing is more complex. Today search is about site authority, site quality, social signals and much more.

Has your search engine marketing kept pace?

With paid search, local search, product search, personalization and social media there are more ways than ever to drive online traffic. You need a mix of strategies in your search engine marketing plan. Inno Garage can provide a complete suite of search engine marketing services tailored to your business.

We Know What Matters
Today's search marketing can be a confusing mix of initiatives. How does SEO work now? Does PageRank still matter? Does paid search add value or just cannibalize your organic traffic? How much effort should go toward social media? Which social sites really matter?

Move in too many directions and you risk spreading yourself too thin. Sit still and you might miss the boat.

At Inno Garage, we have ten years experience in search engine marketing. We know which initiatives have the highest payoff, and which ones just drain precious resources.

Let us be your guide through the search engine marketing maze.

Search engine optimization(SEO) remains the core of online marketing, driving traffic and giving a branding boost to any business that appears atop the search results.

Local SEO has become essential for any brick-and-mortar business. It's now nearly impossible for a business to get local Google traffic without a strong Places listing.

Mobile SEO is the future. It already accounts for 10% of many web sites' search traffic. But most web sites aren't mobile optimized and aren't maximizing mobile search traffic.

PPC paid search advertising is still the quickest way to drive search engine traffic. It also allows you to execute marketing strategies that just aren't possible through SEO.