"Ideas are driven by creativity. And when it comes to creativity, Know Advertising has been a shining star in the Detroit area since its inception. In the time I have known Know and its talented team, I've been continually impressed with their thought-provoking, refreshing concepts that breathe new life into the brands they touch."- 

Josh Linkner, CEO / Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners


We are a highly experienced team sharing a common belief that good advertising only comes from guaranteed personal attention. We believe the key to our success lies in our ability to quickly identify the qualities and values of your products & services and to communicate them in a fresh, original way that immediately sets them apart from your competitors.

Our designs gain immediate response and are remembered. They work to attract attention and draw business. We know fresh creativity promotes new interest and we build this into every project we work on.

Our creative and production team has continually demonstrated that we can generate consistent brand building advertising. While some of us have worked together for over 15 years, our individual history with many of Australia’s leading agencies provides a depth of experience and ability unmatched by younger players.

The team has more than 250 years of combined years expertise in marketing, brand development, research, media planning, advertising and promotions, and will contribute a wealth of experience to ensure you achieve the highest possible growth. From packaging and point-of-sale to printed literature and media advertising, we strive to create images that people remember.

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