Digital Strategy

Digital has become a game changer. Brands are creating a shared understanding by engaging their audience. A clear strategy can help consumers to do several things – adoption, loyalty and even advocacy. It can outline the strategy for online PR, Mobile Marketing, Social Networking, Connecting online and offline stores, display advertising and creating word-of-mouth buzz.

Inno Garage offers the best of the solutions to you in the Digital Arena. We stratagize solutions based on your requirements which are a complete contrast to the template-based strategies that you get from the other digital agencies. We are one of the first in the country to work on the innovative digital solutions and on digital tracking.

How can we be of service?
  • Analyzing the current image of the brand, segmentation and positioning to create or redefine a strategy
  • Planning and allocating for goals and also the expected returns
  • Identifying target audience and segments to market to based on demographics, psychographics and reach
  • Reaching the audience by building engagement, platforms to be used, campaigning and optimizing the message
  • Determining lifecycle of the campaigns, collaboration, positioning and communication
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