Buzz Campaigns

Grassroots outreach, digital promotion, and media relations all play an integral role in any successful communications plan. In addition to mainstream media, influential blogs and industry thought leaders can carry a lot of weight in their respective verticals and can really amplify a targeted buzz campaign. Inno Garage has executed successful buzz campaigns across numerous industries.

Digital Grassroots Outreach
Grassroots outreach is essential in getting the message out to hard-to-reach niche audiences who typically have higher levels of passion and engagement. To increase brand awareness, we reach out to key tastemakers, online influential, and recognized thought leaders. Appreciating that each industry is different, Inno Garage analyzes the appropriate verticals to customize the message for each market.

Digital Buzz Campaigns
Inno Garage offers customized buzz campaigns to increase visibility, build awareness, and heighten brand engagement. These fully integrated digital campaigns can meet the needs of any ongoing promotion. Buzz building activities may include online giveaways, social media contests, user-generated content and online exclusives.

Public Relations
The convergence of media has blurred the line between digital and traditional but one thing remains clear ‐ in order to be successful, branded messages must be delivered across all channels, including mainstream media. With a strong pedigree in public relations, Inno Garage understands the space and offers full-service PR services. We also seamlessly integrate with any pre-existing PR communications team.

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