Annual Reports Designing Companies

Annual report design, when done professionally, is equally as important as the numbers it holds. Why shouldn’t those numbers and the organization that puts them there look great, and serve as one of your most effective marketing tools?

A well-designed annual report affords you the opportunity to positively influence people, giving you the chance to describe, explain, reward, inspire, galvanize, giving hope and vision.

It’s fair to say, annual reports are an important document requiring precision and quality.
By using professional layout theory, content written with precision and clarity, powerful photography, and great graphic design, we are able to craft annual reports that bring your previous year to life.

Inno Garage specializes in annual report design and investor communications online, in print and mobile. We help companies deliver distinct corporate stories and complex social responsibility messages with cutting-edge design that effectively connect with stakeholders. Our diligent project management delivers solutions that achieve your communications objectives on time and within your budget.
  • Annual Reports
  • Online Annual Reports
  • Video Annual Reports
  • 10K Wrap
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Fact Sheets and IR Collateral
  • Investor Presentations
  • Investor Relations Apps
  • Investor Websites
  • IPO Communications
  • Shareholder Meeting Support
  • Sustainability Reports

When you distribute your annual report, you want this document to communicate credibility and professionalism. While the purpose of your report is to inform, it can also be used to reinforce financial stability, your best marketing presence, and your identity as a key player in the industry. To ensure your company is reviewed as a serious market contender, it’s worth the investment to have your annual reports designed by top production professionals.

After we hear your vision and special needs within the design, we’ll create a number of concepts based on your information. You can choose your preferred look and concept, and we will make the report layout adjustments until you’re satisfied.

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