Reputation Management Services

Search results can either be a formidable foe or a trusted ally — the choice is yours. With searches numbering over 500 million per day, online reputation has never been more valuable and worthy of protection. Inno Garage actively manages and protects client reputations in search engines and social media platforms everyday.

Search Engine Brand Alignment (SEBA)
What the first page of Google search results says — or doesn't say — about you is critical to your reputation and your brand. By evaluating what the web says about your profile as compared to your ideal positioning, we can identify opportunities and close content gaps. Inno Garage  is well equipped to create content to control messaging and proactively define brand reputations to better reflect positive achievements, contributions, and activities.

Wikipedia Management
Wikipedia has quickly become one of the most dominant forces of search engine results. It consistently ranks in the top five for any brand or individual. Inno Garage has built a top-tier Wikipedia practice with a trusted track record of high profile edits. Having amassed a long history of engagement within the fickle Wikipedia community, we possess first-hand knowledge and expertise. Our Wikipedia Management services include content development, profile management, profile monitoring, and conflict resolution.

Online Monitoring
Search engine results are extremely fluid and evolve over time. Inno Garage systematically monitors blogs, forums, and websites for client mentions and other relevant terms that may impact search engine results. Consistent monitoring allows for timely responses when necessary. We also have our own internal tracking tool that we use to track the reputation of your brand. 

Website Development
Whether you're just starting out and looking for your first website or you're looking to make incremental changes and updates to your site, Inno Garage provides consultation, project management, and full website design services. We have experience designing search-friendly corporate websites, corporate blogs, promotional microsites, and customized social media portals including Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Our design methods focus on content strategy, user experience (UX), design, and messaging. Inno Garage can provide full service delivery of a website, or when appropriate, can seamlessly partner with an existing IT team.

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