How to Locate a Website Unnatural Links via Google Webmaster Tools

If you have implemented some serious link building techniques to gain back links, then you are in deep trouble. You should quickly find out all the unnatural inbound links passing through your website, and take them down as soon as possible. Google took some serious actions to take down these sites which manipulate search engines, and penalize them without mercy. People who have built thousands of unnatural backlinks to their websites are now struggling to take them down. Many of us don’t know how to find these unnatural backlinks via various free services. If you have built some spam links via blogrolls, guest posts, forums, blogs, directories, paid articles, selling links and etc, you got some serious work to do. Sometimes you have to give up your whole site and start again from scratch.
Recent Google algorithms have forced many people to shut down their link building techniquesto rank up in Google. For example, consider me as a power SEO practitioner who built thousands of backlinks to my website. Soon I’ll get a notification from Google saying, Dear webmaster, we’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google webmaster guidelines….. and so on. So lets discuss the consequences of receiving this message from Google, and the necessary steps you should take care of. Before that, let me show you how to find all the unnatural links of your website via Google webmaster tools.

Steps to find Unnatural Links of a Website:

Consider you have an account in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), and was verified already.
Step 1: Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account, and select the website you want to find unnatural links.
selecting websites in google webmaster tools
Step 2: Click on the website title to select that website, and look for the Traffic section in the left side navigation bar.
how to find unnatural links in google webmaster tools
Now click on the Links to Your Site section and click on More as shown in above figure.
Step 3: Here you can view all the all domains pointing to your website from various sources. Initially you will be show the Top 50 websites which are linking to your domain, but you can also select the latest links as shown in the below figure.
download latest links from gwt
Step 4: Click on the Download latest links which display all the links pointing to your websites from beginning. You can also check out the date of each URL which linked to your website from this table. Make sure you have MS OFFICE installed to view the CSV file.
How to Locate a Website Unnatural Links
Step 5: Since you got your list of backlinks pointing to your website, you should now find out the number of links pointing to your website on a particular day. Open the CSV file and check whether any link is pointing to your website with more than 30 links in a single day.
These links are considered to be spam, and should be removed from Google at any cost. You have to now take manual steps to remove these links by sending mails to the respected owners of the website.
How to Locate a Website Unnatural Links
Now make sure to follow back all the people who linked back to your website with/without your permission. Sometimes people might intend to send negative SEO links to your website without permission. This is where you can use the Google Disavow tool, which I’ll write in the next article, How to Submit Your Site Unnatural Links to Google Disavow Links Tool. Once you have manually removed all the links from these websites which sent spam links to your site, apply forGoogle Reconsideration Request and wait for their message.  I hope this helped you to remove the spam links which your website has. Please feel free to leave your queries via comments in the below section.