How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months – Google PR Secrets Unveiled

Google PageRank will be the most surprising element for any blogger or webmaster in this journey. Few PageRank updates will suddenly change the phase of a website by improving the site reputation, authority, traffic and demand, but surprisingly most of us don’t know how exactly this PR algorithm works. Well, this is pretty easy to understand, you have to just understand the core concept of voting a site when we talk about PageRank. Voting? Yeah! Voting is just a simple term for our understanding, but technically this is not the correct word to describe PageRank. I will explain about this voting system in the below article, but the recent February 4th 2013 Google Page Rank Update, proved that back-links are the most essential elements in a site success. I myself tried  many ways to get back-links in the initial stage of the site, and implemented few tactics which improved the site rankings, Domain authority, Page Authority and back-links. And today I’ll tell you how to boost PageRank within 3 months, and will also explain how it is possible for your blog to implement these tactics.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months:
The first thing which I did was to keep Inno Garage under a proper SEO structure, which follows all SEO standards and guidelines. Few of these guidelines are unveiled in my eBook on How to get super fast Alexa Rankings which you download for free. When you follow a particular SEO structure, Google prefers to crawl, index your website the way you want. Check out the strategies which I used to get a high PageRank from Google, which implemented will give you amazing results.

High Quality Content/Information:

This is the first and foremost important thing you need to remember in boosting your site PageRank. When your site provides high quality information and content, you have all chances to get links from high authority sites. In other words, you might be seeing some ping-backs coming to your WordPress site from various sources. Which means, people are linking to your site from their content and letting their readers to know about your work. You would be surely wondering, How is it possible? Will people really link back to my article? Yes! They do! And if you have a high quality content in your website, you can interlink your pages within the article and let the SEO juice flow within your site. In long run, these interlinking will add a lot of value to your website, no matter how short your content is.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

Use Your Own High PR Sites:

If you have a website which has a decent PageRank, never miss the chance of getting a back-link from that site. You might be knowing CoolPCTips, which has a PageRank 5 from past 2 years. We linked Inno Garage from CoolPCTips Services Page and made sure it gets the proper link juice frequently. Similarly I’ve linked Inno Garage to 5 more websites under our community, which cannot be revealed.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

Guest Article/Post:

If you are aiming for a high PageRank (Minimum PR 3), you should always try to get high quality back-links from other sites. Usually these high quality websites are niche sites and will follow a particular set of topics. For example, if you have a blog on WordPress tips, then try to get a back-link from that niche itself. Which means, you should avoid links which are not from your niche topic and try to focus on some other blog. One of the best ways to get a back-link from a particular niche is via Guest Articles/Posts, and you should make sure they allow you to write something on their blog. Few people will maintain a bad relationship with other bloggers by frequently asking them to change the do-follow link in their guest article which was previously published. These kind of cheap tricks are against guest blogging ethics, and will push your site reputation in a bad way.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

Blog Commenting:

If you are blessed with a WordPress blog, then getting a good PageRank to that site is very much possible in 3months. All you have to do is to find some similar niche websites, and start commenting on them. If you frequently comment on similar niche websites, you can expect good back-links from them, no matter even if its a no-follow. Sometimes, we use blog commenting for traffic and site visibility, which is also a good sign of getting high quality back-links.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

Directory Submission:

Submitting your website to do-follow directories is been an unanswered question for many bloggers. A lot of people are confused whether they have to submit their sites to these do-follow directories, and get that link juice passed to their websites. I would say Yes! but I have a different approach to submit my blogs to these do-follow directories. You have to understand the concept of good and bad directories, which drive quality links to your website. There are many do-follow directories in Internet now, but finding out the trusted ones is the most difficult task. Make sure to submit your website in atleast 20 to 25 do-follow directories, and check if they are not spammy. I personally  submit my site to DMOZ and Yahoo Directory as the first priority, but you can still check out this list of Top 50 free blog directories. Now get back to the article and read the remaining stuff, you can submit it later. 

Balancing Do-Follow and No-Follow Link Attributes:

You should have a balance of do-follow and no-follow links within your website and other internal pages. You can send do-follow outbound links to any particular site, but make sure its a good source to vote from your website. You should also interlink your other webpages and make sure they are do-follow. When it comes to no-follow, I prefer not pointing to any spam websites, as it effects my blog reputation in long run. You should make sure your comments sections are no-follow and eliminate comments which are pointing to spam or bad websites. Also not that you should never link too many outbound and inbound articles in your website, which is against the 12 most important SEO factors I’ve mentioned.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

Avoid Google Slaps:

Make sure your site not effected by any Panda, Penguin or EMD updates, these Google slaps will create a bad impression on your site, and push you in problems. To avoid Google slaps, you should make sure to invest little time in understanding the SEO structure of your site, improving loading speed of the page, installing clean codes (if necessary), avoid too much optimization and many more factors which effect on your PageRank in long run.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months

Good Domain and Server:

Make sure your servers and domains are hosted in a trusted service provide like godaddy, hostgator and etc. If your domain was hosted with a spam service provider, I bet your website would have never progressed in its PageRank authority. Remember this as your first priority when you buy a hosting or domain online.
How to Boost PageRank Within 3 Months
These are the most important factors you need to understand before targeting a high PageRank. If you have any queries on how to boost PageRank within 3 months, don’t hesitate to comment below.