Google Adsense Will not Ban Your Accounts from Now – Changed TOC

Getting Google Adsense approval within 3 days was a quick technique to get Adsense accounts. After getting  Adsense approved, it is even more difficult to maintain it. Google is very strict when it comes to click frauds and illegal activity. Now finally after decades of waiting, Google has showed some mercy in their Adsense terms of conditions. Yes! Google Adsense will not ban your accounts from now. Google has announced that they made changes to the Adsense banned publishers accounts. They now even improved the appeal process for Adsense accounts.
Google Adsense will now look into the age of the Adsense publisher account. And instead of terminating the whole account for a life time, they will just suspend for a time being. These changes can really change the life of a bad time blogger. If suppose some one is click bombarding your Adsense ads, your account will not be terminated now, it will be just suspended until your issue is fixed by Adsense.

Google Adsense Will not Ban Your Accounts

And of-course there will be same rules and requirements to get Adsense approval for the first time. Earlier getting a Adsense account approved was the most difficult task. Seeing the past few Google TOC, I don’t think it will be that difficult in future. So now the Adsense users are not bothered of pissed of loosing their Adsense accounts for life time. Happy moments for bloggers and web entrepreneurs i would say. Lets check out the Google Adsense changed terms of conditions for re-considering a approved Adsense account.
  1. From now, Adsense will look into the account age of the publisher.
  2. Instead of terminating the Adsense account for a lifetime, it will be just suspended until the issue is resolved.
  3. New and more detailed appeals form was created to appeal for lost Adsense account.
  4. Google Adsense will provide more transparency with enough details on invalid activities via email and Adsense console.
  5. Google has expanded their Adsense Academy in detail.
  6. Adsense will launch few series of Adsense tips for this specific topic.
Check out the very first series video from Adsense below.
Guess this change will be accepted as a good sign from many bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs. Though Google Adsense will not ban your accounts from now, you still should be careful to get click farming on your sites. These changes might benefit Google Adsense in anyway, but I’m not bothered. Lets spread this good news among fellow bloggers and webmasters. Please leave a comment if you have any queries on this post. Happy Blogging.