Blog: Creative Business Card Design

Did you know that your business cards can sell your product for you? If you don’t believe me, keep reading.

A few months ago my company joined the local Chamber of Commerce. Since then it has been incredible how many events I find myself going to each week. From fundraisers to galas to board meeting, there are numerous ways for you to network and get involved. But something interesting about the Chamber is their love for door prizes. Now, I am normally skeptical of drawings because I never win, but since I purchased new business cards, it is amazing – I have received a door prize literally every time they have put one of my cards in a basket in the last two months. The way it works is when you sign in, you drop a business card into a basket and then at the end they draw from them and hand out a door prize or two. The first time I went I thought it was a fluke that I got the 1 prize out of the 50 other people in the room, but after this happened for the third event in a row I started to think, and I realized that my new business cards are the reason for my success at the drawings. If you saw my business cards you would understand. My business card is a double sided brown card with rounded corners on a extra thick cardstock with a matte finish. Regardless of the design, the quality of this card makes it rise to the top of a pile whether you’re looking for a card or you’re blindly waving your hand around the inside a bowl. Then you add a flashy minimalist design to it that is a little different from your normal business card and BAM!!! Now I not only have amazing looking cards, but I also have amazing feeling cards that stick in your mind and rise to the top of any stack.

The trick is simple, be a little different. I said at the beginning of this post that your business cards can sell your product for you, and I mean it. A good looking, good quality, creative card will catch people’s attention and solidify the quality of your brand in your potential clients mind faster than a 5 minute conversation any day. In the same way a bad or cheap card will convey that your product is cheap, faster than you can explain what your business even does. It’s all about the first impression. Do my cards cost a little more than a normal card? Yes, but I can tell you that It has been 110% worth it. When I hand someone my card it makes them stop and say “hmm, if this is the quality and creativity that describes your brand then I’m interested.” Don’t miss out on demonstrating the quality of your brand for a few extra cents.

Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite cards, they vary from the crazy expensive and creative to the clean and classy, but they all grab your attention.

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