Highly Specific Keywords and Their Effect on Cost Per Click

There are endless opportunities to reach your target audiences with Paid Search Marketing. Broad match, phrase match, exact match – What does it all mean? Do the keywords I bid on really matter?

Say, for example, youre a Honda dealer looking to create a new Google AdWords campaign. Well, the simple and easiest way to target your audience would be to create a new campaign with a few phrase match keywords such as, New Honda, 2012 Honda, Honda Dealer, and, Honda. From there, the impressions would start to build. Sure, youll see a few clicks here and there. Youre not quite sure initially how the user searched for a new Honda, nor do you know if they were actually interested in buying a car at all. For all you know, they could have searched, cool pictures of a new Honda, and clicked on your ad hoping theyd see the picture that had to be saved for their new desktop background.

Starting an AdWords campaign can be challenging for some, exhausting for others, or just down right unappealing for many. Dont stress, here is where a few minor changes in a keyword structure can dramatically increase the performance of your AdWords campaign.

Back to the Honda campaign; imagine that a user is in the market for a new Honda. The user searches, 2012 Honda Accord Coupe. An ad would be triggered by the phrase match keywords, 2012 Honda and/or, Honda. The average cost per click for these keywords are $2.60 and $5.27 respectively. All of the keywords in the table below would have triggered the users search query if they were added into the campaign, but the Average CPC is drastically different.

With the newly added changes to your campaign structure, the user would have triggered the exact match keyword, 2012 Honda Accord Coupe. The cost per click for this keyword is only $1.10. This structure isnt in place solely for a 2012 Honda Accord Coupe; it is in place for every make, every model, every trim, every style, and every location for every one of our auto dealership clients.

Average Cost Per Click Auto
The logic is simple, create campaigns that contain highly specific keywords and, in turn, the cost per click will decrease. Some of our campaigns contain more than 15,000 keywords that have been well thought out to cover every possible iteration of products that our clients are selling. The result? A significant increase in clicks and impressions while observing a decrease in cost per click and overall cost for our clients.

Below are percent changes for a current auto client. It is clear that across the board, improvements have been made:

Inno Garage provides a boutique management system that allows us to create campaigns that are highly detailed, relevant, and effective. What does this mean for a client? More clicks for less money and more relevant traffic resulting in higher conversion rates.