Google Search Background Images are Going Away

You might have used Google search for background images, right? Sadly, Google search background images are going away from this November 16, 2012. Bing was the first search engine to display background images in their search engine. Later Google followed this trend by introducing Custom Background images in Google Search. So when ever you login, you can see your favorite image or wallpaper as the background image. But unfortunately, you will not see your background images from November 16, 2012.

Why Google Search Background Images are Going Away?

Google today has announced the removal of Google search background images. They displayed a small dialog box under the background image of Google Search. Google Says,
Thank you for using background images. As we build a more streamlined Google Search page for everyone, we’ll no longer be able to support customization with background images. So you will no longer be able to see your background pictures starting November 16, 2012.
This dialog box had a Remove button to stop using a background image from Google Search. However, your current background image and Picasa web albums will still be available for you.
Already a lot of people are disappointed with Google Decision of removing background images. Few of them showed their disappointment via chat message.
Shrunkhala from Coolpctips said,
I really don’t understand the problem of using a custom background image. When people are used to it, you cannot remove it all of a sudden. If this to improve the feel of Google Search, I bet not many people will appreciate this effort. And if you want to improve the feel, you can also do it in other ways. So now i have to see a boring white background instead of my own picture.
Amrik Virdi from Monetize Blogging said,
I аm rеаllу dіѕарроіntеd аt thе dесіѕіоn tо rеmоvе bасkgrоund іmаgеѕ. Fоr mе thе bасkgrоund іmаgе іѕ а vеrу соmfоrtіng аnd реrѕоnаl аѕресt оf uѕіng Gооglе.
Guess this will disappoint a lot of other people too. As we cannot do anything about Google’s decision, lets wait for November 16, 2012 and see what happens. Please let us know what you think about this.