How to Find Low Competition Keywords with Google Keyword Planner

Previously I have written about Bing Webmaster Advance SEO tools for Niche marketers, which helped many people to find profitable keywords in less than an hour. Now its time to discuss about the most talked Google Keyword Planner. Earlier Google Keyword Research Tool was the only free option to find low competition keywords in less time. But with Google’s recent announcement that their Keyword Research Tool has been replaced with Google Keyword Planner, many people lost hope in finding profitable niche keywords for free of cost. Though Keyword Planner is purely based on a commercial angle, you can still dig down to find potential keywords for your niche blogs or potential clients. The new Keyword Planner was built to support more PPC ads and  advertisers, rather than any freelancer SEO’s or niche marketers.
Though you might think Google was a bit harsh on professional SEO’s and Internet marketers, you still have to understand that they give much importance to their paid customers. We have to move along with time, so lets check out how we can implement a profitable strategy to build your online business via Keyword Planner. Whenever you are digging for profitable niche keyword in Google Keyword Planner, make sure to remember these below two points.

  1. Low Competition Keywords with High CPC (Useful for Niche Marketers)
  2. Low Competition Keywords with Low CPC (Useful for SEO projects/clients)
You have to always make sure to find low competition keywords for better conversions and leads. Don’t aim for high competition keywords, as 90% of them are already occupied by bigger brands. You might be wondering what is this low/high competition keywords in Google Keyword Planner? Well, though Keyword Planner doesn’t give you a direct hint on targeting a low/high competition keyword, you can still analyze it with a simple CPC technique.
How to Find Low Competition Keywords with Google Keyword Planner

Finding Low Competition Keywords with High/Low CPC:

You have to analyze the potential of a keyword by pushing it into advance keyword research strategies. If you are digging out keywords for a potential customer, always keep an eye on how to convert that keyword into a niche marketing website if irrelevant for the client. This way you can find gold nugget keywords in long run. Whenever we are talking about CPC in our keywords, make sure you have on Google Adsense account with you. If you don’t have one, then check this article to Get your Google Adsense approved within 3 days.
Whenever you find a closely related term or phrase matching your high CPC goal, then make sure to note that keyword for your next article on your blog (if you are a blogger). Doing this will gradually increase your Adsense earnings and also allow you to link back to your potential SEO customers. This win-win strategy will make you rich, popular and trustworthy. So lets find out how you can find low competition keywords with high CPC.
  1. Log into Google Keyword Planner and Click on “what would you like to do?”
  2. Enter one or more seed keywords to proceed further.
  3. You can ignore”Your Landing Page” and “Your product category”
  4. Enter your Targeted Location, Language to proceed further.
  5. You can enter a optional negative word to eliminate unwanted keywords.
  6. Assign your Keyword Filters with Average Monthly Searches, Average CPC.
  7. Assign keywords in your include and exclude search to dig down the keywords in detail.
  8. Click on Get Ideas.
For example, If I have entered the keyword “Hosting Plans” to find the potential market, then I would look for more better keywords with high CPC and less average monthly search keywords. Check out the below video to get a clear idea on how I winnowed hundreds of unwanted keywords. This awesome technique can fetch you around 50$ – 60$ per click in your Adsense account. If you are not using Adsense for monetizing your blog, then forget about CPC, and concentrate on getting more organic traffic to your blog.
The above video might have cleared your doubts on how to find low competition keywords with Google Keyword Planner. One thing you have to remember that gold nugget keywords are not that easy to find. You have to dig much deeper to get one profitable niche keyword. Apart from finding a profitable keyword, you should always make sure the competition is less from Google itself. This way you are pretty safe in creating multiple blogs with high CPC and low competition.
Soon I’ll get into advance keyword research techniques with various keyword research tools. Feel free to ask your queries in the below comment section. I’ll make sure to reply you at the earliest. Happy Keyword Research!