Stop The Branding!!

Just last week, I was having a conversation with a colleague about how amazing the Colorado state logo was and then BAM! they announced it was being replaced. There are so many things wrong with this new logo, I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just start a list…

1. The old logo is over 100 years old!!  It was originally designed in 1911 and began building brand equity from that point in time.  Why are they changing a 103 year-old logo?  There is no explanation, just the fact that they ran a design competition.  You can't just revolve a 100 year old logo without a darn good reason.

2. It's in the state flag, for goodness sake!!  There is a larger identity system already in place that ties the brand together and that is now gone.

3. Focus groups evaluating subjective visuals in a vacuum don't help anyone.  When you ask random citizens to tell you which logo the "like" better without considering any other factors, you will get an answer.  But it won't likely help you make a strategic decision or consider previous brand equity.

The new logo isn't a bad design at all.  It's beautiful, and if the state had never had a logo, I would've voted for the new green one.  But you can't think about a new logo void of history.

I would've been okay with Colorado walking into a branding project, but it would've been a much better strategy to build a more cohesive look and feel around the logo and the flag that could be incorporated and even make the old logo even stronger.