Pumpkin Brand

Pumpkin is memorable.
Its identity is engrained in our minds. Its shape is simple and easily recalled. It owns a color. Its taste is distinct. It is named for greatness.

Pumpkin taps into our emotions.
Customers associate positive experiences with Pumpkin like cool and crisp fall weather ahead, the smell of a delicious pie in the oven, family, bountifulness and gratitude.

Pumpkin knows what it represents.
Pumpkin knows it isn't an apple. It understands its core purpose and effectively leverages its place in the minds of consumers. It shows up in the right place at the right time and doesn't disappoint.

Pumpkin stays relevant.
Every Fall season Pumpkin explores new ways to appeal to its customers, like Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Pumpkin Ales.

Pumpkin has a powerful story.
Pumpkin is meaningful and has integrated its story into our culture. Its customers have come to value the brand as tradition…whether they like the taste of it or just buy it for decoration, they like being a part of Pumpkin.

These are all characteristics of the world's most successful and iconic brands. Make your audience want you like they want Pumpkin in October.