Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords – A Sign for Affiliate Marketing?

If you are into Affiliate marketing, you should regularly checkout the most expensive keywords. May it be Google Adwords, or any other similar service. Tracking back your keywords and other money making categories is very much important. When it comes to gravity product, everyone got their own set of rules to hide them from people. Finding these expensive product keywords might really help you in making some real money. These expensive products will have higher competition, and more conversion rate.  Markus Allen has posted a detailed documentation on Search Engine Markup Roundup. This document has reviewed the most expensive keywords in Google Adwords (according to their suggestion tool), and gave a clear hint for smart affiliate marketers.
Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords:

As per the November 2nd 2012 update, Google Adwords Suggestion Tool has recorded the most expensive keywords in the category of mesothelioma, asbestos, annuity and auto donation. Few keywords has amazing increase in their cost per click, compared to the previous month. Many categories had tremendous change in their search volumes. Mesothelioma settlement under Asbestos category is the most costliest keyword in Google Adwords. This keyword has a $142.67 average cost per click. Which means, for every single click recorded on this category, the bidder has the pay the amount to Google Adwords. Just Imagine the earnings of aeasy Adsense approved site in this category. With just one click, a person can make around $142.67  of whopping money.
The same case is mesothelioma asbestos attorney, asbestos attorney, asbestos law firms keywords under asbestos category. These keywords have a average CPC of $121.68, $117.23 and $106.77 respectively. When compared with to the previous month, mesothelioma settlement keyword has increased over 3%, whereasasbestos attorney has dropped about 1% in cost.
If you are a Adsense approved blogger, these categories might really make you some extra money in your account. But also remember that your site, blog should be from same category. This information is mostly valuable for the micro niche bloggers, affiliate marketers. I already provided you the list of most expensive keyword in Google Adwords in the beginning of the post. Just check them out and make some real money. Drop us a line on what you think about this whopping PPC keywords.