Product Design Solutions

A successful product is that, which meets the latent needs and exceeds user expectation and makes business sense by being profitable. Product design process at Inno Garage is a tool to create a sensory experience, a key market differentiator with the needs of consumers always at forefront.

Design Research
Products are accepted by users only when they satisfy needs, are easy to use, meet aspirations and blend seamlessly with user’s behaviour and environment. Team Inno Garage conducts design research with users, visit homes & work places, study interaction and emotions to discern valuable insights to the product experience

Envisioning & Idea articulation
Team Inno Garage uses propriety brainstorming and ideation tools to co-create with users. The ideas gathered are evaluated and visualised to make product sense. Key ideas are mapped based on their relevance and value perceptions. The design solutions are refined and put together to develop the idea of the final product form at a conceptual level.

Design Engineering
Concepts are engineered for production, digital models are built to check the aesthetics, assembly and functionality of the product.

Product design solutions are prototyped using various simulations and small batch production techniques. Users are exposed to the prototypes to ascertain their acceptance of the product.

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