How to Write Professional AdWords Proposal to Clients – PPC Proposal

If you are a freelancer or a PPC company, you should always have a professional AdWords proposal with you. You might be very good at AdWords or PPC projects, but without sending a good proposal, you can never crack a deal. So why don’t we just take a look at how to send a professional AdWords proposal. This proposal will be same for almost all your clients. You have to just change the clients company names and email addresses.

Steps for creating a Professional AdWords Proposal:

Your proposal should always start with your company name, followed by the address, email and phone number.
AdWords Proposalby PPC and SEO Marketing (A division of Pyrite Technologies)
Always be very polite with your client. Greet them with some good words or say thank you for showing interest in your proposal. This initial comments are very crucial in making your first impression.
Initial Comments:
  • Thank you very much for your interest in our keyword research program. We feel that this is an extremely important aspect of Internet Marketing.
  • Please review the details of this program below. Feel free to contact us to discuss it. When ready, please call us at 998-521-9503.
After the Initial comments, you can mention the benefits of choosing this campaign or service. Tell your client why this service is beneficial for their business. Check out the benefits I’ve mentioned in the proposal.
  1. Reasonable pricing: This program is offered at a very reasonable rate, especially give the amount of personal attention involved.
  2. Personalized attention: We will meet you before starting and not just use a template approach.
  3. Professional approach: We will use a variety of online tools and professional experience to get you the keyword information you need.
  4. We are accurate and up-to-date: The world of internet marketing is constantly changing. We stay on the front line and use the most current methods of keyword research. We stay up to date via:
  • Reading the newsletter
  • Staying involved in the forums
  • Attending the seminars
  • Obtaining the training
  • Buying information as necessary
  • And other methods….
Now mention the deliverable contents for the client. This should talk about the main service which you are offering. Make sure to mention everything clearly. Once you send the proposal, you cannot modify it and send again. Don’t ever do this silly mistake.
Deliverable for your siteWe don’t just provide a list of words!
1. Initial Consulting
We will meet with you to discuss your website and your business. We will discuss your industry and request information on your competitors. We will also discuss any industry specific phrases you can think of. After this meeting, we will use the various computer programs we have to determine which phrases have the most potential for your site.
2. Target phrase
To start with, we determine what we feel should be your target phrase for your entire site. This phrase in our recommendation for your home page. In fact, we will create a snippet of text we feel should be used for your home page. Title tag.
3. More phrases for other pages
After that, we provide a list of 3-10 additional phrases (depending on the size of your site) that can be targeted for other pages of your site.
4. More keywords
Next, we provide a list of 20-50 extra phrases that could be used generously throughout your site. These work perfectly for your Keywords Meta tags.
5. Pay Per Click Keywords
Then, we provide several groups of keywords that can be combined to make excellent phrases that can be bid on in Pay Per Click marketing such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing.
6. Article keyword phrases
Next, we provide a list of about 5-10 potential titles for articles you could write, Each of these will have a target phrase bolded. We strongly recommend using these potential titles as ideas for additional content on your site.
7. How to use this
Lastly, we provide a page of information on exactly how all of this keyword research should be used to optimize your site for search engines. This information can be used by you or your web developer.
Once you are done with this. Concentrate on the pricing details. Make sure to mention the billing payment method and your ethics.
Pricing Details
Billing Information:
  • One-time payment of $300
  • Billing is via Net banking, Cheque or credit only,
Not available to:
  • Sites that are religious or political in name:
  • Sites that are regarding pills, porn or poker
  1. The prices listed on this page are valid for 30days.
  2. Services begin upon receipt of payment.
  3. Paid invoices will be emailed to the client. Invoices are not required for payments due.
  4. Although every effort will be made, no guarantee of results is written or implied.
  5. This agreement constitutes the complete agreement and understandings between the parties and can only be modified in writing, signed by the parties.
Signature: _______________   Date: ________________
Additional Information:
Your Web address:     ________________
Your Competitors:      ________________
Favorite Keywords:   ________________
Industry terms:          ________________
Professional Adwords Proposal Document Screenshot
Follow this above pattern for sending professional AdWords proposal to your clients. Almost all the PPC companies send this kind of proposals to their clients. I hope you understood how important a business proposal is. You can download this professional AdWords proposal (doc file) by subscribing our mail list. Please let me know if you have any queries.