List of 10,000+ High PR Website Directories in Excel Sheet – 2013

Website Directories are very much important for a site localization and domain authority. Some directories will also pass page rank, which might help your websites to rank up in search engines gradually. Though some directories are very useful in ranking a website, they can still harm you in long run. So you have to make sure which are the right ones, and plan your linking strategy accordingly. Submitting a website to various web directories was a major operation until Google Penguin and Unnatural link penalty. Soon people realized that submitting a website to directories will not help them to achieve rankings.
Specially when low PR directories pointing to your website can literally screw up your whole website trust and search engine positions. Google algorithms are smart enough to understand the difference between natural and unnatural links pointing to your website. So choosing the right path at a right time is very much important. So be safe in this practice, we have collected some high quality web directories for your reference.

High PR Website Directories: Submission Guidelines

This huge list of web directories, can be used to get quality links to your website for free. You need to concentrate on high page rank websites to gain trust and weight to your keyword and domain. So before submitting your website to these directories, make sure to go through the below guidelines.
  1. Some users still search the web directories for the best options to buy something online. So submitting your site to web directories is completely acceptable for any kind of business.
  2. Submitting your website in the right category can get you instant business in long run. So always select the correct place to submit your website link.
  3. People who visit web directories are willing to buy something. So invest your money in some paid directories if possible.
  4. Standard web directories will ask for relevant information in detail. So always take sometime to prove them you ain’t a bot.
  5. Submitting same content for different directories can push your site in danger. So always try to change your content for each directory you submit a site to.
  6. When submitting your details and relevant information, make sure to submit your company details or portfolio. Because people are not interested to buy stuff from individuals.
  7. Web directories will not only uplift your website rankings in search engines, but also pass you ton of valuable inbound links overtime. So submitting your site to good number of trusted high page rank directories is very important in SEO.
  8. Even if your website URL has been submitted to a specific directory, there is no chance that it will show up in that directory or website. So please don’t lose patience in submitting your site to other directories. Usually the directories take a week to 3 months of time to show up a website.
  9. Submitting your site to multiple directories can help the site to get indexed in search engines quickly. That doesn’t mean you have to spam your website in multiple directories at once. Do slowly without getting search engines attention.
  10. Sometimes you can also deep link your website pages into directories for direct conversions. Doing this will help your site visitors to land on a specific page instead of your site home page.
  11. Never ever submit your site to irrelevant directories or categories. Doing this will hurt your site from search engine penalties and demotions.
  12. Submit your site in well maintained directories like dmoz and Yahoo.  Doing this will help your site to achieve more benefits than previously.
I hope these guidelines will surely help you in understanding the importance of web directories in your SEO success. For your convenience, we made an excel sheet of 10,000 web directories. This excel sheet will provide each web directory URL, and its page rank with filters.
List of 10000 Article Directories
We have provided 5 different sheets with Free, Trusted, High PR, Low PR and N/A web directories. Choosing the right ones is always up to you. You can download this excel sheet by subscribing to our email list. Don’t worry if you have already subscribed to our email list, we’ve sent it already. Please check your inbox or spam folder.
I hope this huge list of web directories will save your time in finding out a directory page rank and status. Let us know if you have any queries regarding this data.