What is Search Engine Optimization ? A Student's Perspective to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of your website and online visibility. How your website ranks in the Search Engine (known as SERP) for the keywords of your choice will depend upon how discoverable you have made your website to the search engines. With the vast popularity of Google as a search engine, Google Search ranking becomes a crucial factor in generating organic traffic and sales from your website.

SEO includes both on-page and off-page optimization. White Hat SEO, as it is more popularly known, consists of all those techniques which actually matter in your SEO initiatives, or gives you great results. Search Engine optimization includes not just keyword optimization, keyword density, code clean ups etc, but also increasing the website popularity, through article submission, backlink generation, social presence, article syndication, etc. The complexities of each of these points are endless, and it makes sense that you outsource SEO works to a professional agency with good knowledge of search engine optimization.

AdWize has had a track record of proven and result driven SEO portfolio. Our SEO best practices are not affected by Panda or Penguin updates and our expertise in Search Engine Optimization gives us the edge to work not only on broad goals, but also quantify the SEO initiatives within specific time frames. Driven by the best in the industry in-house and with a huge pool of experts in respective domains from all over the world, we have delivered amazing results to each and every client, every single time. 

AdWize now provides trainings and workshops on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing as well, to create awareness of this dynamic field of work, where there is innovation and changes everyday and new opportunities open up for every business and industry to exploit. Contact us to know about the latest workshop and training schedule that you can be a part of. 

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