The web has evolved the way we Brand, but print isn't dead

Your website is a central component of your brand where the world engages with your company. Yet print offers something the web cannot replace: a physical connection. Everything you use to talk to your customer is a reflection of your brand, and print plays an important role in establishing how your customers perceive you.
Quality printing (and paper) allows a brand to engage our senses. Sparks ignite in our brains when something feels nice to the touch…we get drawn in and we focus. Pay attention to the next business card you receive. What kind of impression is it making on you? Will you just throw it in the trash and forget it, or did it delight you in some way? If you don't feel positive or excited about the materials you are putting out in the world, there's a good chance that's how we are all feeling too. It's hard to take a brand seriously when a lack of standards is present.
Your stationary and collateral are just as crucial as your website. All of these touch points work together to show the world who you are. Don't lower your standards when you put your brand in print!