Speed in Branding

Speed is not talent. Speed is experience. Knowing how to make decisions, not at the end but throughout is what makes you fast. It has nothing to do with design ability and everything to do with design experience. The more times you've done something, seen it through from beginning to end and from all angles, the quicker you are the next time around. Speed comes with time.

Too, the better you know yourself, your own rabbit trails, your own habits, the more quickly you can stop yourself from from getting lost in them. Know yourself, know the problem, know the process, know when good is good enough. I've found design thinking to be cyclical thinking. Round and round I go on an idea, zooming in and out, infinitely refining. Sleep on it. If the next day it doesn't look as good, share it with someone else. Even if it does, share it with someone else. The difficult task of explaining your thoughts tends to straighten things out.

Great design isn't easy. If it were then robots could do it. Don't underestimate the importance of not designing. It's what makes your work inspired. Be human. Live life. Make what you see, better.