Brandmarks and Blueprints

Lately when companies release new brandmarks, there's also a fancy underlying grid shown behind the mark somewhere in the presentation. This trend became painfully obvious to me when Yahoo! released their new mark with this video. The grids show foundation lines, intersecting points, and how shapes have been made – a blueprint of the brandmark, more or less.

So, I apologize, but I'm going to go on a brief design rant here… A lot of these grids make no sense! "Here's this arbitrary line and here's another one. Oh, and here's this circle that is smaller than this other circle."

What are these blueprints really telling us? Is a brandmark not perceived as hard work unless some sort of "proof of labor" has been provided? That seems foolish to me. If you bought a new house, you probably wouldn't go around showing your friends the blueprints, you'd show them a photo of your new house. The blueprints are for the builders (designers). When they're done, the finished work is what should be most impressive, not some slide from the presentation.

Brandmarks are the pinnacle of design. They take time and hard work. Every detail should be carefully considered. Don't fall for this trend, it won't make your brandmark any better or worse.