5 Senses for Creating Brand : Look

This category is most easily associated with brand identity. We naturally default to logos or visual identity systems when considering a strategic approach to building a brand. We think first about the look of it all. I think a brand known for the way it looks has more than just a memorable logo but rather distinguishing characteristics that are inherent to the design.

Here’s a few…

Jeep makes 7 different SUVs and all seven of them have a distinguishing characteristic. The 7-slot front grill design. There from the beginning and still holding strong, I love this brand for it’s history and original design.

Three stripes, that’s it. I can’t tell you how envious I am of this logo. It’s inherent to the design aesthetic of all its products. Whether it’s shoes, clothes, advertisements, whatever, Adidas owns three simple stripes. Brilliant.

Woody Allen
Perhaps it’s just me but anytime I see a preview for a Woody Allen movie I just know that it’s his before they tell me. The opening titles are always set in the Windsor typeface. The dialog is soft but humorous and clever. Then, of course more often than not he is acting in it and has a unique look of his own always sporting those thick black rim glasses.