Pain Points

Every industry has pain points. It’s the long line at the post office; the eight hours spent waiting at home for the cable guy; or navigating through a phone tree for half an hour trying to get to an actual human voice.

The interactions we have with those processes build our perception of the brands they represent. Often, they are the holes in an otherwise great brand strategy; a retail store can convey excellence in every aspect of their product and marketing, but if the line at the counter takes half an hour to get through, I’m still not happy. Pain points are pinpricks of brand weakness—and they reveal opportunities to develop new levels of strength.

I experienced this the other day when I called in to the GoDaddy customer service phone line. I expected to be ushered through several branches of options that would be frustratingly inhuman and irrelevant to my needs. What I got instead was a very helpful set of options, recorded in a real human voice, and even a few jokes sprinkled in. I had the option of listening to music or waiting in silence—and I could even request to be called back when the next operator became available. Game changer.

My whole perception of the GoDaddy brand shifted after that experience. They went from seeming mediocre to being exceptional—just by doing something well that others often do poorly.

What pain point could you redeem to improve perceptions of your brand?