Brand Identity projects are unique in nature.  They aren't traditional business consulting, yet do result in guiding strategic business decisions.  They aren't marketing plans, yet they inform marketing strategies.

Branding Identity projects aren't purely business nor are they purely marketing, yet they cover both business and marketing planning. This is why Inno Garage isn't a traditional ad agency or marketing firm.  We don't follow those models.

Inno Garage is, as we say, A Brand Identity House.  Brand Identity isn't one of our services; it's all we do, and all of our processes and people are built around this. We have a brand strategy consulting group and a creative team.  We hire and have built our team around consultants with MBAs & business backgrounds and creatives with MFAs & design backgrounds.

When the MBA & the MFA come together to collaborate with a client who is the expert in her business, amazing brands are brought to life.