Beyond Mediocre Brands

We find comfort in the norm. The safe, predictable things that we're used to. We don't want to feel threatened or vulnerable. I like things organized, I like a plan, to feel like I'm in control. Yet no matter how conservative I am, there's always something about that rush of excitement when I take a chance. And it often surprises me, leading into something I actually enjoy. Something I would have never originally let myself get into, or known I was capable of.

Think about your company or brand in this same situation… Afraid to differ from the norm, you stay safe, comfortable, protected. You get by, shooting things down that might seem like a gamble. You don't want to risk too much.

Now think about the future of your company or brand… Is that really how you want to be perceived? Normal? Comfortable? Good design and good branding is all about your business realizing it's full potential. It internally and externally defines where your company is, and where it wants to go. If your brand isn't doing that, what is it doing?

Designers want to create good design. Companies want to be good companies. Together, we have the chance to create the future. To turn dreams into realities. The world is full of in-between brands, companies and people. Yours should be exciting, not just a replay of what already exists.