The Power of Not Talking

"Listening" is, of course, a skill at work all the time, but for us, there are three critical areas in which we find it provides immense value to our clients.

First, listening is important before we ever engage in a project together. As we begin talking about a possible collaboration, we want to understand the challenges you are facing in your business. What do you want to achieve? What's preventing you from doing that? Understanding your challenges is the first step to seeing if we have something to offer, if our working together could be beneficial for your organization.

Second, listening the core of the work we do during the Audit phase of our brand strategy process. We want to figure out what people are saying about your brand when you are not in the room. What are your customers saying? What are your competitors saying? What do you say about your brand? As we listen to folks connected to your brand, we uncover the gold–what sets you apart in the marketplace–as well as pitfalls and liabilities that may be harming your reputation. Both are critical to the brand strategy that develops on the other side of the audit.

Finally, as we engage together with our clients on the creative work we do, a listening ear is essential to strong work. We bring branding expertise to the table, but you know your business best. When both of those elements of expertise come together, great work is produced.

Listening is not passive. In our office, it's one of the most important skills our team members develop and exercise, and the foundation of all great work.