I don’t love the brand, but I think it will grow on me

Those are the wise words of Phil Knight, co-founder and chairman of Nike, when he decided to go with the Nike Swoosh for the young company's logo. It's amusing to know that the symbol, now one of the world's most recognized logos, did not always have fond beginnings.

Many times people think "I'll know it when I see it. That perfect logo is out there and instinctually I will know when it's the one."

However, as optimistic as we like to be at Inno Garage, no logo will jump off the page and solve all of a company's brand woes. The design side of branding will always have subjective qualities, but what anchors a solid brand is a unified vision or strategy. Brands are built, like Nike, over a lifetime. The quality of the service or product long term will lay the foundation for the reputation behind the brand.

A logo is important, but remember when rebranding, your core is the strategy of the brand, not necessarily what you think looks great.