One Page Strategy Doc

Have you ever hired a consultant?  Chances are the process produced a huge binder with 100 pages of thoughts, insights, and strategic recommendations (either that or a 200 slide powerpoint deck).  This type of deliverable clearly communicates a lot of work has been done, yet it has one fatal flaw: it's too much to do anything with.

The end result of Inno Garage‘s brand strategy consulting process produces the exact opposite.  The One Page Strategy Doc.  In one page it defines all the core elements of what should define your brand:

Who are you?

What is your personality?
Why do you exist?
Who needs to know?
What value do you bring?
What makes you different?
If you can't define your brand in one page, how will you ever communicate it to the world?  What will visitors see on your website on their phone with a 2.5″ screen?

Simplicity, while harder to achieve, always leads to a more powerful brand.