Play Your Brand !

"Playful people are creative people. They are better problem solvers and more inspired. Because so much of what we do now is abstract, virtual, and in front of a computer…people just want to use their bodies and their hands again."

This past Creative Mornings we heard from Karyn Lu, the head of Insights and Innovation at Turner Broadcasting, who makes these kinds of ideas into realities.

Karyn's projects at Turner shows us that creating a culture of play within your company can foster a happier and more creative work environment. Her talk inspires me to ask: how could the concept of play help build a community around your brand? What can you imagine that will bring joy to your consumers?

Play creates community. 

Community is developed and then amplified by a dedication to imagining and successfully executing on activities that bring people together.

Playing is a fundamental part of the joy of being human. It opens up our minds, gets us away from the screen and connects us to each other. It inspires!

When you create playful experiences that bring joy to consumers, you build a community around your brand. Those are the experiences we are compelled to talk about and share with others.

What ideas can you imagine that encourage play? How can you bring people together?

Make it happen.