A Better Path

This past weekend I was able to spend some time in the north Georgia mountains with my family. I spent most of my days outdoors, exploring and adventuring through the hills and along the rivers.
One morning I was out hiking a trail near our cabin and came across a large pile of brush along my path. The brush was deep enough to sink mid-calf into, footing was challenging and unstable. I wondered if I should turn around, but I worked through it, back onto my path, and continued my journey.
Returning back to the cabin a few hours later, I came across the same pile of brush but from a different angle. The new point of view showed an alternative path to my left that I hadn't seen previously. It looked much clearer and easier than my original path through the brush. I thought "How did I miss that before?" I took it.
In work, we tread along on a project and run into obstacles. Sometimes we put our head down and work our way through it. Sometimes we want to give up and turn around. Often times we forget to take a step back and look at the obstacle from a new perspective. It could reveal a better path.