Every market has competition. The question is, what will you do about it?

Great brands cut through the clutter. They stand for something. They stand out. People have opinions about them. Some love them, some may even hate them.
With the rise of brands and the creative class — and barriers to entry shrinking every day — offering a good product or service just isn’t enough any more. In some cases, offering a great one may not be either.
Differentiation is a brand’s strategic choice to do something competitively different; something that other firms in their same category cannot claim. Yes, it must be valuable. It must be true. It must lie within your core competency. Assuming you have these basics down, it must still go further. It must reach deeper.
Will you risk differentiation that forces people to make a choice between you and a competitor? Or will you stand in the more comfortable middle ground that feels safe to you and familiar to the market?
The tip of the spear is certainly dangerous. After all, its a weapon. But I’d argue that in today’s market, a blunt spear that communicates in cliches, ambiguities and generalities is even more dangerous — it leaves your powerless. It may not divide, but it also does not conquer.
Don’t settle for sameness.