Web Analytics and Dynamic Conversion Tracking

Nothing makes your website’s data more beautiful than making it more useful. Learn more about our unique reporting interface that will bring clarity to your data by dynamically tracking your website’s visitors and conversions, letting you know how users got to your website, what they viewed, and when they called all on a visitor by visitor basis. Start viewing your data through the lens of actionability with our FourEyes reporting platform.

The constant growth of internet advertising has increased the importance of tracking online conversions. Whether you are a small business with a $200 monthly budget or a large business with a $20,000 monthly budget, you want to know how your online dollars contribute to the bottom line. Adpearance’s new web analytics and dynamic conversion tracking system, FourEyes, does exactly this by giving business owners and managers the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions regarding their digital marketing budget.

Key features

  • Complete conversion picture. FourEyes tracks both phone calls and form submissions down to their originating source. Let’s say someone searches for something on Google, and your paid search advertisement shows up in the results. The user then clicks on your ad, browses your website, and fills out a form and/or makes a phone call. FourEyes will not only capture the form submission and/or phone call, but it will also associate your originating paid search campaign with that lead. This gives you access to actual cost per lead data, allowing you to better analyze the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns.
  • User level analysis. FourEyes tracks all website user activity, giving you real-time access to the pathways and page visits that lead to a conversion. With user level tracking, FourEyes associates the form submissions and phone calls to the unique website visitor who generated the lead. Over time, FourEyes dynamically creates a comprehensive contact list of your website users and those who show interest in your business.
  • Integrated with Google Adwords and Bing Ads. FourEyes is integrated with the Google Adwords and Bing Ads API’s, which allows you to view your Google and Bing advertising campaigns and keyword metrics in a single view. By integrating the data from both advertising platforms, you can easily compare successes and failures, and make appropriate adjustments to increase the effectiveness of your online ad spend.
  • We are very excited about FourEyes and the potential for helping our clients attain more leads and subsequent sales. The above features are just the tip of the iceberg and we are eager to release enhancements that better serve our clients and their digital marketing needs.